Wave Recording Studio

Wave Recording Studio

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Combing the best of the analog and digital equipment we can record a single, ep, or a full album.
Our productions differ a lot from case to case in our way to go about, but we always work together with the bands to reach the best result.

Mixing is usually the next step after the recording when we work with a band who produce the whole work with us. We can also mix music recorded elsewhere. Simply get in touch with us to know basic information before record or sending your files.

Mastering is the final stage of a record. Our job is to make sure it is sonically balanced, that it will work on a wide range of systems and to make sure that the album sounds in a good way, with proper song spacing and fades. As for mixing before sending us the files, get in touch for the basic information.

For bands who needs the studio for rehersal the studio can be rented every day of the week except weekends.

The studio can be also rented for small live shows, release parties etc. Call us for details!

If you need gear for your live shows please contact us!


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